SF Sketchfest: Day Three: Part One – Eagleheart

My first show of this year’s SF Sketchfest was a complete accident. I entered a contest on Twitter to win tickets to the Eagleheart panel by retweeting a tweet last Saturday and I won. Of course, since this panel wasn’t in my original line up, I hadn’t committed the schedule to memory, so my friend and I arrived WAY too early for the show. Since we’d both had late nights the night before, we wished we could have been sleeping, but them’s the breaks sometimes.

I didn’t know anything about Eagleheart, a fifteen-minutes live-action comedy that airs on “Adult Swim” on Cartoon Network, starring Chris Elliot. Just before my friend came to pick me up, I checked out a clip. It was weird, but kinda funny. I figured it would be an easy way to start off my day of Sketchfest shows and hey, the tickets were free, so can’t complain!

The panel consisted of two writers, the two co-creators and the three stars of the show, including Chris Elliot and it was hosted by Eugene Mirman. We first watched a full episode from the new season and then Eugene facilitated discussion about the inception of the show and how things come together. The audience Q&A got a little awkward as it seemed a lot of the audience was Get a Life fans and wanted to know more about that show (and its DVD possible release) than about Eagleheart. But Chris Elliot was deft in always bringing the comments back to the show he was there to promote.

It was a good panel and I definitely enjoyed the show. I won’t go out of my way to watch it, but it’s definitely something I’d watch if I happened to see it on the guide.