Feels Like Home To Me

Last week, I attended my first and second games of the season at AT&T Park. On Tuesday, I took some of my students as a perk for their service to our program. For some of them, it was their first time inside the ballpark and their very first Giants game. For me, it just felt like coming home. I’ve only been a Giants fan for seven years (May 8, 2005 was my first game), but walking into AT&T Park always just fills me with peace and joy in a way that very few other places do.

I wish I could say that same for the game, but we ended up losing to the newly-named/relocated Miami Marlins 2-1. We did have one great moment in the 7th when Panda (Pablo Sandoval) hit a home run. It felt great to be screaming with 41,000 folks for my home team again. Of course, It was the first of three games that we would drop to the Marlins, but when the pitcher (Matt Cain) is the first player to get a hit in the game, that’s not unexpected.

It was another gorgeous day in San Francisco when Akemi and I entered the Park with our texting gloves in hand. We had accomplished our first mission (get texting gloves) and now were in search of our second – get cuisine and libations (not necessarily in that order). She and I made a circuit of the Promenade level, admiring the new offerings and grabbing beverages off the Willie Mays landing. We made a second circuit in search of the s’mores we’ve been craving for two months, but couldn’t find them. We tweeted the Giants, but received no reply. We settled for bacon-wrapped hotdogs instead.

The game started and it was immediately apparent that it was not Tim Lincecum’s day. Ten of his first 12 pitches were balls and he hit the first batter. He exited the game early (though not as early as we would have liked). Akemi and I got hot fudge sundaes to drown our sorrows in the 6th inning. Turns out they were magic sundaes because the Giants managed to tie the game when we started eating them. Unfortunately, in the very next inning, the Brewers pulled ahead again and the Giants weren’t able to pull it together. Luckily, they did win the games on Saturday and Sunday, not totally dropping the series like the Marlins series.

But even as I sat there, wrapped in the blanket my mother knitted me for Christmas, eating my hot fudge sundae and yelling at my team to do better, I thought, there’s no place else I’d rather be.


4 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

1. Okay, you know how I went down the Netflix rabbit hole, Neil Jackson style? Well, now it turns out, dude can SING! And play guitar! And makes videos of himself wearing a beanie, drinking a beer and then singing while play guitar. So, it’s possible I’m a little in love with him now. Sorry Neil – it’s your own fault, really!

2. 100 days until the Olympics!
Okay, fair warning, I freakin’ LOVE the Olympics and will likely be blogging a lot more about them as we get closer. Add in my love of London in general and I’m SUPER PSYCHED that we are less than 100 days out from the Summer Games! Bring on the gymnastics, swimming, diving, and all the sports I only care about every four years!

3. Wednesday night’s Giants game
Brandon Belt sums it up quite well actually. This is the first game of the season that I watched on the edge of my seat. I was groaning, clapping and yelling at the TV all game long, but nothing felt better than jumping off my couch, screaming and clapping when Brandon crossed home plate. I was cheering like I was in the stadium, and laughing when the boys ran out of the dugout for a dog pile. Fingers crossed for that kind of awesomeness next month when I head to AT&T Park for the first time this season!

As preparation for my upcoming trip to the UK, my friend Katie recommended this short UK series about a New Yorker (Rashida Jones) and a Londoner (Stephen Moyer) trying to make a trans-Atlantic relationship work after a chance encounter at a London pub. I’m halfway through the meager seven episodes and I’m completely hooked!

I blame the head injury

Yesterday, I was all set to write a long post about my terrible experience at Wednesday night’s Giants game. Unfortunately, combining Firefighter Appreciation Night and Singles Night didn’t actually work as well as I’d thought. Turns out drunk idiots are drunk idiots whether they are firefighters from Redding or just spectacular human beings from Chico. And though I appreciated that at times there were upwards of six firefighters dealing with the spectacular drunk idiot from Chico, I did NOT appreciate when one of their helmets fell off and hit me in the head.

But then this morning, I read this story about the fan who died last night after falling while trying to catch a practice ball. And suddenly the lump on the top of my head didn’t seem so bad. That fan was just trying to watch a baseball game last night too and he lost his life.

So, sitting in the bleachers goes on the Murtaugh list and I live to buy tickets to my next game – LGTB night! Can’t wait for my LGTB Giants hat (fingers crossed for rainbow glitter to be involved somehow!) and a much more civilized evening. In View Reserve.