Run 5K: Personal Best!

I finished Week Two, Day Three today and I actually feel great! The run was strenuous, but I never felt like I couldn’t finish at any point. My walk sections were actually real powerwalks, keeping my heart rate up instead of slowing down and trying to catch my breath. I wasn’t deliberately trying to speed up from Wednesday’s run, but I just felt better about it. There’s a bench on Great Highway that I consider my “halfway” point, where I usually have to stop and strip off my long-sleeved overshirt to keep from overheating (even on these foggy days). On Wednesday, I had to walk at least another minute to get there, but today, I was almost there by the time the walk section ended!

Victory Tree

But the best part came at the end. On Day One, I was so exhausted by the time I got to the last run section, but to stay motivated, I challenged myself to keep running until I reached this tree. I timed it perfectly with the end of the run section, and I was so proud of myself. On Day Two, I was going much slower and didn’t even make it up the hill toward this tree by the time the last run section ended (though I did push myself to actually run to it!). Today, however, I not only made it up to the tree, but ran for an additional 25 seconds afterward! It’s the first time I’ve really felt strong while running.

I start Week Three next week and I’m a little nervous. I’ve never made it past Day Two. Fingers crossed that next week, I’m writing this kind of post about Week Three and nervous about Week Four!


Run 5k: Week Two – I remember you!

After a week off while I was in DC, I got back to training yesterday. I tweaked my running mix a bit (see below), changed the insoles in my running shoes and set off.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous – almost too warm – but the trail wasn’t too crowded as I ran. I think I finally found the right insoles for my shoes because I didn’t have any of the foot pain that I’ve been having in recent months. I wish I could say the same thing for my shins, but I guess I can’t have it all go well all the time.

Week Two doubles the length of time spent running without really increasing the walk breaks between. I mentioned last time that I felt like I could run more than the program told me to. Well, that’s no longer a problem! The first interval, I felt good running the whole time, but all the subsequent running intervals were hard. Luckily, I have two more days to help me conquer this week. I do feel better today than I did when I tried Week Two before. I’ve never made it past Week Three, so the next couple weeks will be critical to my success. Here goes nothing!

Run 5K Week Two Remix
Jamiroqui – Canned Heat (Warmup)
Jupiter Rising – GO! (Dave Aude Deep Space Mix)
Cascada – Evacuate the Dancefloor
MMO – Let It Roll <– great addition to the playlist!
Superchick – One More
Katy Perry – Firework
U2 – Walk On (Cool Down)

Run 5K: Starting at the Beginning (Again)

Now that I’m back from vacation, it’s time for me to working out on the regular. Back in January, I impulsively signed up for The Giant Race 5K, taking place September 16th. That’s 14 weeks for me to train before race day. I’ve never gotten beyond Week Three in my Run 5K program, but this summer is the time for that change!

Today, I started Week One, Day One for the third time this year with a new running mix (below). The weather was gorgeous (I took the mix cover photo at the halfway point) and it was quite warm. I’m still having some foot pain (now it’s worse in my left foot than my right), but I definitely felt good during the running sections. The program always told me to stop running before I was ready/needed to stop, which made me feel good. The big challenge will be if I can make myself continue to Week One, Day Two after work on Monday. I can’t train the way I need to only on the weekends. Fingers crossed!

Run 5K – Week Two Completed!

Over a month ago, I was struggling in Week Two of Run 5K and skipping group fitness classes because I was sore/busy. Then Sketchfest happened, I got a cold, it cold/rainy outside, my parents visited. Basically, I was an excuse factory for a month.

My New Kicks!

I wasn’t totally idle during my unintentional break. I got a raise this month and my treat to myself was brand-new running shoes. I last bought running shoes in 2002/2003 (I can’t remember when exactly), so it was MORE than time to get new ones. I went to See Jane Run in Noe Valley and the experience was everything I hoped it would be. The sales associate watched me walk and stand to see what kind of shoes I needed. Then I tried on various pairs, even leaving the store to run around the block and really get a feel for them. I ended up with the first pair of shoes I tried, Brooks Ravenna 3. I wasn’t totally sold on the color, but they just fit so well and it didn’t even feel like I was wearing shoes at all.

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to get back to work, but the wind in San Francisco was brutal. My weather app said it was only 9 mph, but I could barely catch my breath during the walk. I did one run sequence and gave up. It was the first time I’ve ever given up so far, but I knew if the wind died down today, I’d get a much better workout.

This morning, I pulled on my running clothes and set out for the beach. It was definitely chillier than I prefer when running outside, but I persevered. I had to stop a couple times to catch my breath, but I finished week two after a five week break! I still had pain in my foot, even with my new shoes, so I’ll be heading back to See Jane Run to see if they have some inserts or other suggestions to get that under control.

I’m happy to get back to training because I also signed up for my first 5K this morning! I’ll be running in the Giant Race in September. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to get into shape before the big day, especially if I continue to have month-long breaks before training runs. Besides, I thought it was only fitting that my first race begin and end at AT&T Park; fingers crossed for a high-five from Buster Posey!

♪ Rainy days and Mondays always get me down ♪

On Saturday, I completed Week 1 of the Run 5K program. I’ve probably started a couch to 5K program at least 4 times before, but I’d never gotten passed the first workout.

I’ve never been a runner. The last time I ran for more than the bus was sophomore year in high school, and only when required in gym class. But there I was, ear buds in, running along the beach with the rest of the athletic folks in the California sunshine. The workout was hard, but doable. I had a new workout playlist and I was shakin’ my thang on the breaks. I felt like I could finally handle this running thing.

Then it got cold.

After brunching and shopping with A on Monday, I rushed home to do Day One, Week 2 before it got dark. The run times were twice what they were in Week One. It was cold and windy and everything hurt. I finished the workout, but just barely. There was definitely part of me that wanted to give up during the second of the six intervals, but I stuck it out. I didn’t remember Day One of Week 1 being quite so hard. I definitely did not strut during my interval breaks. And I was sore. Stretching and a warm shower didn’t cure my throbbing shins or aching quads on Monday evening.

Then on Tuesday, I skipped spin class because my knee was giving me fits when I went up and down the stairs at work. Instead of completing Day Two or going to body sculpting class on Wednesday, I skipped the gym and went to a movie with friends. Tonight, I skipped spin again to run errands and prep for my busy weekend.

And now it’s raining. It IS winter after all. No running outside for the foreseeable future and with things starting up again at work, the demand for treadmills will be crazy. Hopefully, this week is a minor set back and I can get back into a routine as work starts to get busy again. I did actually miss going to the gym and sweating out a long day, so here’s hoping next week is more productive!