Run 5k: Week Three = COMPLETE!

My view while running

I’ve discovered that about 75% of my motivation to run is whether it’s sunny and/or windy outside. I like to run the same path every time and weather conditions can be a little more extreme there than in other parts of the City. I put off Week Three, Day Three until Tuesday because it was just foggy and cold on Monday. Tuesday, I didn’t even need an overshirt and I was a sweaty, but happy girl by the time I finished my 28 minutes.

I was also a little ecstatic that I’ve made it this far. During informal attempts in the past, I’d never made it out of Week One. When I attempted to use this specific app in January during my “New Year, New You Redux: Now With More Willpower” phase, I had quit on Week Three, Day Two, mostly due to adverse running conditions and the lack of light when I finished work in the evening. But, with my Race Day looming less than two months from now, I’m now cautiously, but confidently moving on to Week Four tomorrow. I’ve found that if I can run every other day during the Week and then take two days off between Weeks, it really helps.

And because I can’t run without music, here’s my Week Three playlist (heavily influenced by Make It Or Break It). I think I’ve hit a groove with the order of these songs and I’m only switching out a couple for Week Four:

Everybody Got Their Something – Nikka Costa [Warm up]
Go! (Dave Aude Deep Space Mix) – Jupiter Rising
You’re So Damn Hot – OK GO
Let It Roll – MMO
Name In Lights – Sarah Leichtenberg
One More – Superchick
Walk On – U2 [Cool down]

Run 5K: Starting at the Beginning (Again)

Now that I’m back from vacation, it’s time for me to working out on the regular. Back in January, I impulsively signed up for The Giant Race 5K, taking place September 16th. That’s 14 weeks for me to train before race day. I’ve never gotten beyond Week Three in my Run 5K program, but this summer is the time for that change!

Today, I started Week One, Day One for the third time this year with a new running mix (below). The weather was gorgeous (I took the mix cover photo at the halfway point) and it was quite warm. I’m still having some foot pain (now it’s worse in my left foot than my right), but I definitely felt good during the running sections. The program always told me to stop running before I was ready/needed to stop, which made me feel good. The big challenge will be if I can make myself continue to Week One, Day Two after work on Monday. I can’t train the way I need to only on the weekends. Fingers crossed!