The Jinx by Jennifer Sturman

581826The next book in Jennifer Sturman’s Rachel Benjamin saga is another quick read with enough mystery and plot twists to keep things interesting. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s still fun.

Rachel doesn’t seem to see how she’s quickly becoming Angela Fletcher (and since there are two more books, I can guess this only gets worse). This time she’s at Harvard and Boston (and she’s quite clear to make sure we know those are VERY different places) for recruiting the next generation of high finance professionals (I still have no idea what Rachel really does for a living) and her dishy boyfriend, Peter, is going to join her (he’s got a conference). Rachel always thinks that she “jinxes” relationships by worrying too much (or whatever), but this time everything is perfect. Well, except for the fact that her boyfriend happened to hire a woman to co-run his business and she’s….attractive! Oh and someone’s trying to kill one of her clients.
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The Pact by Jennifer Sturman

56036This was such a quick, fun read! I’m not usually one for mysteries (note to Mom: you’d love this series if you haven’t read it already), but this had just enough chick lit elements to keep me interested and for once, I didn’t figure out whodunit in the second act.

Rachel Benjamin is part of a group of girls who went to Harvard (yeah, there’s A LOT of Harvard talk in here) who are attending their friend Emma’s wedding to odious man. No one seems to know why she’s marrying him and when he turns up dead on the day of the wedding, no one is too torn up about it. But when Rachel finds out he was murdered, she starts trying to figure out which one of the dozen people who stayed at the house the night before could have done it. No one wants to think their friend is a murderer, but there’s a dead guy in the pool and he didn’t get that way by accident.

The red herrings are earned and not annoying and beyond the discussions of ridiculous privilege of everyone (seriously, EVERYONE is a Richie Rich), the characters are fun to read about. I’ve already ordered the next one in the series from the library and I can’t wait to dig in.

Love You to Death by Melissa Senate

129558Very different book than the last Melissa Senate I read, but still pretty awesome. I read it in about a day (stayed up last night past my bedtime to finish it), so it’s definitely a fast read.

The book hooked me right from the first scene and that was before the mystery even started. I had one quibble though. Book is set in Portland, Maine, but the Maine part isn’t mentioned right away. Maybe I’m just west coast centered, but the first Portland that I thought of was Oregon, so I got a little confused until the Maine part was clarified.

I loved the mystery, the main character was likable, if a little naive (in a good way) and the main male (love) interest is equal parts frustrating and fabulous (like most good guys). I can’t wait to read the next Melissa Senate book in my pile.