Roulette by Megan Mulry

22645251This is Megan Mulry’s latest novel, which stands alone from her “unruly royals” series. It’s sexier and more mature as well as being a page-turner. I was sneaking in chapters any time I could.

Our heroine, Miki, is the love/hate child of a French starlet and a Russian business magnate. She goes to visit her father in St. Petersburg, when he dies suddenly. She’s thrust into a leadership role in his business, which brings her into contact Jerôme de Villers, a French business magnate. They have a fling after he flies in on his private jet to bring her coffee, but with Miki not planning to stay in Russia and having a boyfriend back in California, she plans for it to stay that way. Life has other plans and even though she tries to stay away, Rome keeps showing up in her life, all sexy and French. Sometimes you just have to give into it.

I was a little annoyed how the situation with Miki’s “tenure” at USC was handled, but I guess I don’t really know how tenure works at USC. Miki’s boyfriend, Landon, really is a piece of work and I think he gets off way too easy. But it’s fun to read about jetset women who take over companies, go on Paris shopping sprees and find amazing French men with their own chateaus, so these are easy flaws to overlook.

R is for Royal by Megan Mulry

17683780I’ve started two other books before this one, but keep getting distracted. I saw this one was available, so I snapped it up because I knew I could finish it quickly. I ended up reading it in about two days, easily adding another book to my tally for the year.

This is the final book (for now) in the Unruly Royals series, focusing on youngest sister, Abigail. It is listed as the fourth book but it starts at the end of the wedding of the couple in the second book, so it’s all very confusing. Luckily for the reader (but unlucky for the family), oldest sister Claire is mentioned exactly once in passing during the entirety of the book, so this book could really be read before the third one and no one would notice. Bronte’s pregnancy with the twins comes up in Claire’s book as well as here, but it’s hard to keep the timeline straight. Given all the momentous events happening in Claire’s life, it’s sad that she’s never mentioned in Abigail’s presence in this book.

Anyway, this was my least favorite of all the books, so I’m happy the series is over. Prior to this book, all the readers knew about Abigail was her long term relationship with Tully (a woman) and she was the “black sheep” of the family, always traveling to do volunteer work in other countries. This book is all about Abigail falling in love with Eliot Cranfil (a man), who is much older than her. In passing, Abigail thinks about how she may be bisexual, but it’s glossed over in favor of contemplating how much she enjoys Eliot telling her what to do in bed. Additionally, a lot of her “growing up” has to do with becoming just as materialistic and comfortable with her substantial wealth as her older siblings. Maybe that would be part of her maturation process, but it just doesn’t feel like her character at all.

We caught up with Bronte and Max and David and Sarah much more than in the last book and the birth of Max and Bronte’s twins makes a nice bookend to the series, showing how far all of these “Unruly Royals” have come. I’ll miss them, but am happy to leave them there.

In Love Again by Megan Mulry

18515923I read the first two books in this “Unruly Royals” series last year and I’ve been desperately waiting for the library to get this third book. I’ve been obsessively checking LINK+ for seven months now and it’s been either unavailable or more recently, checked out, so when I noticed it was in last week, I pounced. Once it arrived in my hot little hands, I devoured it.

This book follows the oldest Heyworth sibling, Claire, following the break up with her husband. Since she wasn’t particularly close with the two brothers, I didn’t really remember too much about her. She was close with the horrible mother, so I assumed she was horrible too. Turns out she’s just a “good daughter” who was raised to obey and not question, trapped in a horrible marriage she thought she deserved. She reconnects with her first love in New York, while working for the first time in her 38-year-old life. It gets pretty storybook after that, but after seeing what Claire’s been through, you want that for her.

Things are set up for book #4, featuring the youngest Heyworth. And it seems like there is potential for a fifth book, following Claire’s daughter, Lydia and her new beau, Alistair. I just adore the Heyworth clan and this series of books. Perfect summer/holiday reading!

If The Shoe Fits by Megan Mulry

15942619I’ve been trying to get this book from the library since it came out this summer, but only just succeeded as I was leaving town for Christmas break. I read A Royal Pain in June and just fell for Bronte and Max. I wasn’t entirely sure that I’d feel the same way about Max’s brother Devon, but I was hoping for an update on Bronte and Max’s relationship since the last book.

The book opens up at Bronte and Max’s wedding and our heroine is Bronte’s bestie/business associate, Sarah James (of Sarah James Shoes). She’s a 25-year-old virgin who agrees to a fling with Max’s playboy brother, Devon and ends up falling for him (and he for her). There’s complicated family dynamics on her side and he’s just been playing the part of a playboy, while being a maths genius, who actually loves his job. This book is MUCH more about great, amazing sex between rich, good-looking people than Bronte and Max’s story, but it was a fun escape during a long drive.

Ms. Mulry also starts to set up the third book (which just came out this month) about Max’s younger sister Abby and Sarah’s associate, Eliot. It’ll be nice to check in with the “unruly royals” again (if I can ever get this book from the library).

A Royal Pain by Megan Mulry

17164311Katia read this one over Christmas, and I’ve had it in my back pocket for a nice summer read. Once I picked it up, I didn’t really want to put it down. It’s not a perfect book, but I think I liked it better than K did.

I really liked Bronte and her straightforward attitude that she adopts after getting her heartbroken. I don’t think it actually works the way that it does for her, but I didn’t totally believe her meet-cute with Max either. That said, I really enjoyed their initial romance, especially the fact that it didn’t overwhelm their lives. I was not expecting the first twist, but I loved how Bronte got through it.

The second meet-cute was even less believable, but at the same time, it needed to happen. I thought she took him back too easily, but they really did work together. I liked that Bronte was able to fit in with Max’s family as well as she did and that she didn’t give up her career. The final fight was way over the top and I didn’t really like the way it was resolved as it was way too quick. They never really talked about how it would actually work and what their actual duties would be as Max took on his title.

But I just saw that Ms. Mulry has written a companion about Bronte’s big client and Max’s brother, so I’ll be eager to read that one as soon as I can figure where to get it.