Little Lady, Big Apple by Hester Browne

2042873I finished this book a week ago, but this is the first that I’ve had the time to actually sit down and write about it. I almost picked up the third book in the series tonight at Barnes and Noble, but decided to wait and grab it from The Strand for half off.

I didn’t like this one as well as I liked the first one. Melissa just kept getting suckered into doing things that she didn’t want to do and knew would get her into trouble, but didn’t have the backbone to say no. That bugged the crap out of me. The ending was a little weak, but I guess everything needs to be tied up in a pretty little bow sometimes. There were some plots that seemed to go nowhere and others that just plain got dropped. Perhaps they will be revisited in the next book.

I did like exploring New York with her and getting to know the different neighborhoods and whatnot. Her boyfriend’s house is in my favorite neighborhood, so it was fun to pretend to live for a few hundred pages. She continues to have fabulous clothes and unlimited money for them, which sounds like a dream come true. Overall, a fluffy fun romp through New York in the summer, which was just what I needed on these cold February days.


The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne

6607753I grabbed this one up the last time I was at Borders since I had inadvertently grabbed the sequel when I grabbed this sequel as well (must have been the mood I was in!). I knew I needed to read the original first in order to proceed in the series. I’ve just now seen that there’s another book in the series coming out this month, so I must add it to my list straight away.

I rather liked this book, even if it took a bit to get to the point. The main character was likable and funny and the idea behind the agency and in fact, the book was rather genius! The supporting characters (mostly her flatmate and her best friend) were a bit too underdeveloped because half the time I couldn’t tell why they even talked to each other, much less why they were friends. The scene at the end was less than satisfying since Melissa wasn’t really sticking up for herself, but I guess she did get what she wanted.

I’ll definitely be digging into the sequel starting tomorrow and grabbing the 3rd book when I can.