Jenn’s Life List

I love lists. Anything I can cross through and check off to give me that special feeling of accomplishment. So it makes perfect sense that I would make a list of things to do before I die. It changes constantly, but that’s the beauty of such a list. It grows and evolves as I do. This is my list.

1. Meet the President of the United States
Bill Clinton, June 26, 2004
I went to the Bill Clinton book signing in Baldwin Hills with my friend Kim. Though I didn’t get the book autographed, I did get to shake his hand. He has such beautiful blue eyes. He was wearing a dark suit with a blue shirt and a yellow tie.

2. Graduate from college
San Francisco State University, May 27, 2006
After seven years at four different institutions of higher learning, I finally completed my Bachelor’s degree at San Francisco State in 2006. I majored in European history (minor concentrations in American history and Latin American history) and minored in political science. SFSU was the first place I truly understood why people enjoy college and I made the most amazing friends. Fun fact: my diploma has Arnold Schwarzenegger signature on it.

3. Run in an organized race

The Giant Race 5K, September 16, 2012
I ran my first 5K, without stopping, in 37:26. The race started at the 2nd & King entrance, going up the Embarcadero, turning around just passed the Ferry building and finishing on the field at AT&T Park. In addition to my finishers’ medal, I got a Giant Race t-shirt and a Matt Cain running bobblehead. The great prize, however, was the time I spent on the hallowed ground at AT&T Park.

4. See a taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart March 19, 2015

5. Attend a Broadway show in front row. Finding Neverland, January 17, 2016

6. Travel the Oregon Trail
7. Swim with a dolphin
8. See all the films nominated for Best Picture in a given year
9. Visit all fifty States (current tally: 44/50)
10. Learn to speak Spanish
11. See the Australian Coral Reef in a glass bottom boat
12. Watch the iguanas roam free in the Parque Bolívar, Guayaquil, Ecuador
13. Travel to the towns of my ancestors in Germany and Austria
14. Learn to drive a stick shift
15. Be kissed under the mistletoe or at midnight on New Year’s Eve
16. See the Northern Lights
17. Eat so much at a Giants game that Kruk & Kuip can’t stop commenting on it during the broadcast.


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