In Celebration of My 10,000th Tweet

I joined Twitter on April 20, 2009. In those 1,221 days, I’ve managed to tweet 10,000 times. That’s way more than I ever thought possible when I joined three years ago. I joined to keep up with @joshgroban and @rainnwilson because their updates were overwhelming my Google Reader. I picked my Twitter handle because I planned to tweet from my various trips (and also because JennInTheCity was already taken!). I did live-tweet my trip to Chicago the next month, using my clamshell cell phone to post grainy pictures of Wrigley Field and Italian ices. But it’s become so much more than that. Continue reading


UK: “If we bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, it makes us feel as though our hard work ain’t been in vain for nothin’.”

Jenn and Katia’s (London) Day of Fun! (said like this)

Pillow Princess Diana looking down on Pillow Prince William and Pillow Duchess Catherine from Heaven

Monday, May 28, 2012
The day did not start off well. About 20 minutes before my alarm was due to go off, I woke suddenly to buzzing around the room. Katia woke with a yelp as well as we tried to determine what was going on in our sleepy states. We had left the windows cracked overnight as it had been SO hot in the flat when we’d returned the previous evening. It appeared that a large SOMETHING had come into the flat, done a lap and was now perched on the window behind her sheer curtains. After some hushed, tense discussion, Katia bravely opened the window all the way in the hopes that the SOMETHING would fly out. We tried to get ready for the day, while keeping on eye on the window and its SOMETHING. Finally, about 10 minutes before we had to leave the flat to catch the bus, the SOMETHING left her flat via the open window! I suggested that we leave all the windows totally closed all day because I’d much rather come home after a long day in London to a hot flat than one invested with SOMETHINGs. Katia agreed and we checked all the windows and surrounding areas for flying/buzzing creatures before locking up the windows and heading on our way. I had not been looking forward to another early morning, but that incident definitely got my blood pumping!

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UK: “And since we are in England, I suggest you make some tea.”

I arrived in Cambridge about 5p. Having not had time to notify Katia before leaving Kings Cross, I was on the lookout for a payphone to let her know I was in town. I was set with the change from the Most Expensive Twix Bar Ever, but of course, the first set of payphones I found didn’t take coins. They did take my credit card for the Most Expensive Five Minute Phone Call Ever ($5). Katia was clearly frazzled when I called as I was two hours earlier than we thought I might arrive. But more importantly, she had just discovered that her flat was invested with bees.

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4 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

1. Okay, you know how I went down the Netflix rabbit hole, Neil Jackson style? Well, now it turns out, dude can SING! And play guitar! And makes videos of himself wearing a beanie, drinking a beer and then singing while play guitar. So, it’s possible I’m a little in love with him now. Sorry Neil – it’s your own fault, really!

2. 100 days until the Olympics!
Okay, fair warning, I freakin’ LOVE the Olympics and will likely be blogging a lot more about them as we get closer. Add in my love of London in general and I’m SUPER PSYCHED that we are less than 100 days out from the Summer Games! Bring on the gymnastics, swimming, diving, and all the sports I only care about every four years!

3. Wednesday night’s Giants game
Brandon Belt sums it up quite well actually. This is the first game of the season that I watched on the edge of my seat. I was groaning, clapping and yelling at the TV all game long, but nothing felt better than jumping off my couch, screaming and clapping when Brandon crossed home plate. I was cheering like I was in the stadium, and laughing when the boys ran out of the dugout for a dog pile. Fingers crossed for that kind of awesomeness next month when I head to AT&T Park for the first time this season!

As preparation for my upcoming trip to the UK, my friend Katie recommended this short UK series about a New Yorker (Rashida Jones) and a Londoner (Stephen Moyer) trying to make a trans-Atlantic relationship work after a chance encounter at a London pub. I’m halfway through the meager seven episodes and I’m completely hooked!

Netflix Rabbit Hole: Neil Jackson

One of my favorite things when I “focus” on a new actor is run through their IMDB page, see where else I may have seen them before and get busy watching everything else. Luckily, in days of Netflix Instant Watch and Hulu, it’s a lot easier to catch up on an actor’s career. To think I spent WEEKS back in 2007, waiting for discs from Netflix to arrive to catch up on John Krasinski in Jarhead and Smiley Face. How far we’ve come in five years!

Anyway, I’ve been on a bit of a Make It Or Break It kick these last few weeks, prepping for the show’s return for its third season. Unfortunately, it’s back without Sasha Belov (Neil Jackson) as the coach, which is definitely limiting my interest in the new season. I was definitely all in on this campy show on ABC Family when it was just Dr. Dave (sorry, Erik Palladino, but you’ll always be Dr. Dave from ER to me) coaching elite gymnastics. But then they brought in “Sasha Belov!” and I was sold hook, line and sinker. Besides his good looks, charm and British accent, he’s got a body to kill and frequently takes his shirt off. Gymnastics and a hot guy – yes, please!

Neil Jackson appeared in the premiere of Make It Or Break It with decidedly TERRIBLE hair, prompting the journey down his IMDB page for answers. I didn’t have to go far. Mr. Jackson is a member of the new Upstairs Downstairs miniseries cast. I assume this hairstyle is in keeping with the 1930s time period, but it was definitely a shock to see it on Sasha Belov! Unfortunately, even though the first series aired just after Christmas in 2010, I cannot find the episodes online. I hope I can snag a copy of the DVD when I’m in London next month because even without Neil Jackson, this seems right up my Anglophile alley.

Luckily, the next stop down the Netflix rabbit hole was a lot easier – Flashforward. I remember trying to get into this show, but it was on opposite something else I watch (I think) and once you’ve missed one episode, it’s hard to catch up. Anyway, I skimmed through the half dozen episodes in which Neil appears and it was almost enough to get me on board. He plays (one of?) the nefarious evil geniuses behind the “flash forward,” mostly requiring him to dress in three-piece suits and talk in riddles. I’m not so much for the latter, but when dressed as the former, I can deal. The accent helps. It was also cool to see Zachary Knighton (known to me from Happy Endings) and others.

But it was The Thirst, the other project that comes up when you search Neil Jackson on Netflix Watch Instantly, that prompted this post. The reviews, many of which start with “This isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen but…,” are pretty spot on. I’m not into vampires or campy slasher/horror flicks, so I definitely wouldn’t have even clicked on this one without Mr. Jackson’s name attached to the title. Luckily, Instant Watch has a preview screen, so I can skim through the poor special effects and gore until Vampire!Neil appears. However, this was just a little TOO ridiculous for me. Watching moments like Neil’s fevered glee at killing a sex worker in an S&M club for the vampires to feast on her blood just reminds me I could never be an actor because I can’t even type that sentence without laughing, much less act out the scene.

It stands to reasons that with his pale skin, fair hair and lanky build, he’d have to play a vampire once or twice, but that was just a little too silly for me. Looks like he has another few vampire appearances in post-production, so fingers crossed that the writing on those projects is a lot better. In the meantime, I’ll happily move on to guest appearances on CSI: Miami and How I Met Your Mother, thank you very much!

So far, I still love Sasha Belov the best, but it’s also the longest gig he’s had, so there’s plenty of time to develop nuance. He started out as a former Olympian turned no-nonsense coach, ready to take the Rock girls to the next level and evolved into the leader of the Rock Rebels to the object of Payson’s crush, then a Romanian barkeep and finally US World Team coach. I mean, he even made me love Candace Cameron Bure’s character on that show for a brief time (while he romanced her) and I didn’t think that was possible. And who could blame her? Look at that face!

I doubt my venture down Neil Jackson’s Netflix Rabbit Hole will increase my appreciation of him like John Krasinski or gain a new fandom like Chris Meloni (and Oz), but it’s not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. After watching the Giants lose their third straight in as many days, looking for this face in a terrible movie or TV show doesn’t seem too bad at all. 🙂