Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

40411206Gilmore Girls got me through a break up in the early ’00s, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since, even if I spent most of the later seasons screaming, “WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?!” When it announced that the show was going to be part of the current revival craze that’s sweeping Hollywood, I was nervous because though it took a long time to get there, I felt the show was left in a good place: Luke and Lorelai presumably together, Rory off to be a reporter, and Richard and Emily doing their Hartford thing, but getting along with Lorelai for the first time ever.

However, reading Lauren Graham’s recollection of her time on set made me reconsider it. Most of her memoir feels like the normal things – how she grew up, how she struggled as an actor, how she got her big break, how things have changed for her, and now she’s filming the revival. It was a fun read and I’ve always like Lauren Graham (Northern Virginia gals gotta stick together!), but the best part was really her little diary about the revival. I really enjoyed the tiny moments where Kelly Bishop remembered Edward Herrmann and how Lauren tried to get everyone she ever met into a scene somehow (let’s be besties, Lauren – I wanna be on Gilmore Girls!) I was a little surprised how few Scott stories there were, but I guess the central relationship on this show was always Lauren and Alexis.

Anyway, at just over 200 pages, it’s a quick read with some cute stories. If you liked Lauren Graham before, this won’t change your mind (and vice versa). I’m curious to check out her fiction books to see if her manic energy is present there as well.

In Celebration of My 10,000th Tweet

I joined Twitter on April 20, 2009. In those 1,221 days, I’ve managed to tweet 10,000 times. That’s way more than I ever thought possible when I joined three years ago. I joined to keep up with @joshgroban and @rainnwilson because their updates were overwhelming my Google Reader. I picked my Twitter handle because I planned to tweet from my various trips (and also because JennInTheCity was already taken!). I did live-tweet my trip to Chicago the next month, using my clamshell cell phone to post grainy pictures of Wrigley Field and Italian ices. But it’s become so much more than that. Continue reading

UK: “If we bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, it makes us feel as though our hard work ain’t been in vain for nothin’.”

Jenn and Katia’s (London) Day of Fun! (said like this)

Pillow Princess Diana looking down on Pillow Prince William and Pillow Duchess Catherine from Heaven

Monday, May 28, 2012
The day did not start off well. About 20 minutes before my alarm was due to go off, I woke suddenly to buzzing around the room. Katia woke with a yelp as well as we tried to determine what was going on in our sleepy states. We had left the windows cracked overnight as it had been SO hot in the flat when we’d returned the previous evening. It appeared that a large SOMETHING had come into the flat, done a lap and was now perched on the window behind her sheer curtains. After some hushed, tense discussion, Katia bravely opened the window all the way in the hopes that the SOMETHING would fly out. We tried to get ready for the day, while keeping on eye on the window and its SOMETHING. Finally, about 10 minutes before we had to leave the flat to catch the bus, the SOMETHING left her flat via the open window! I suggested that we leave all the windows totally closed all day because I’d much rather come home after a long day in London to a hot flat than one invested with SOMETHINGs. Katia agreed and we checked all the windows and surrounding areas for flying/buzzing creatures before locking up the windows and heading on our way. I had not been looking forward to another early morning, but that incident definitely got my blood pumping!

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UK: “And since we are in England, I suggest you make some tea.”

I arrived in Cambridge about 5p. Having not had time to notify Katia before leaving Kings Cross, I was on the lookout for a payphone to let her know I was in town. I was set with the change from the Most Expensive Twix Bar Ever, but of course, the first set of payphones I found didn’t take coins. They did take my credit card for the Most Expensive Five Minute Phone Call Ever ($5). Katia was clearly frazzled when I called as I was two hours earlier than we thought I might arrive. But more importantly, she had just discovered that her flat was invested with bees.

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Cougar Town, All I can say is “Imaginary hat”

This has been a jam-packed weekend and it all started on Friday night, when I attended the San Francisco Cougar Town cocktail party.

After Cougar Town got left off the ABC mid-season schedule, creator Bill Lawrence decided to take publicity matters into his own hands (as far as I can tell). He decided to throw viewing parties in various cities around the country, in part to reward loyal fans with new episodes and celebrity contact and in part to just continue to keep the show’s name out there. Bill paid the bar tab, provided the cast and three episodes for our entertainment at Pete’s Tavern in San Francisco.

I demanded the thumbs up!

I met up with a friend and her friends at the bar’s downstairs meeting room. We were lucky to share a table with some super fans who had just gotten back from LA’s party on the Culver City set. Busy Philipps was our cast guest, but as we had all been following on Twitter, her flight had been delayed and delayed and delayed due to the terrible weather we were having. Blake McCormick, a writer for Cougar Town courageously led the party for most of the night with good humor and requisite adorkableness. Apparently, the writer at the party usually just introduces the cast member who then hosts the party. But with Busy being delayed, he had to host us for close to three hours. There were trivia questions to win t-shirts (I was the only one who didn’t win one at our table) and of course, games of Penny Can.

Blake showed us the “sizzle reel,” which had a few spoilers in it and then we got to watch full episodes. We watched the season premiere, which was fantastic, and reminded just how much I miss this show. It ended with an “aww!” and definitely got me excited for the premiere on Valentine’s Day. We also watched the fifth episode, before we gave Blake a break and hit the bar again. Bill Lawrence was nice enough to double (and I think, double again) the bar tab to make up for Busy’s plane delay-ness.

Busy finally came in about 10p and we watched a third episode (apparently, most of the parties only wanted to watch two – so weird!). Busy did some live commentary for us and then answered questions afterward. She dished on the Golden Globes and all the shows she’s worked on before now. Then she gave away “shit from my purse” for correct answers to trivia questions. She was so apologetic and sweet about being late, even though it was totally not her fault. Around 11p, the party “ended” and everyone got up to take pictures with Busy. It took about an hour for my little group to get to the front of the line, since Busy was being very sweet, chatting with everyone and taking multiple photos, if one didn’t come out perfectly. She also signed my planner (the only paper I had with me), which was super sweet.

It was such a great idea and I’m so thankful to Bill and Christa for paying for the whole thing, as well as Blake and Busy for giving their time to hang out with us. If I wasn’t pumped before, I’m totally psyched for the season three premiere of Cougar Town on February 14th at 8:30p on ABC. Watch it!