A Few of My Favorite Things

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Links: Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool 3-day weekend edition

There are few things better than a 3-day weekend. Even if when you come back to work on Tuesday, you have at least three different people suggest that the work week should be structured that way all the time. I may have wasted today’s fun potential, but I still have Sunday and Monday to make up for it.

Maybe, it SHOULD be like that every week!

  • Watching this video of Charles Schultz drawing Charlie Brown just takes me back to my childhood in a wonderful way.
  • I very nearly took the NY Times advice and spent 36 hours on the Mendocino Coast this weekend because they made it sound AMAZING.
  • I love this Life magazine shots of high school fashion from 1969 if only because these same girls are the ones giving kids crap these days for how short their skirts are!
  • Everyone’s seen the 100 Years of Style in 100 Seconds video by now, but that doesn’t make it less awesome.
  • I can’t believe I’m linking Lauren Conrad’s website, but I’m a sucker for yummy-looking cookies.
  • Of all the ways listed to fix a bad mood, I think “go outside and play” is the most underrated once you get to be an adult.
  • This essay about death and Facebook hit me a little harder than it should have.
  • To counterbalance that, please enjoy the fact that ToeSox exist! I may to get some for doing yoga.
  • Sometimes xkcd just hits it out of the park. “It’s nice of you to say that, but I know what I did.”

Links: End of August Edition

It’s been a crazy week at work, so I’m taking full advantage of today as a day that I don’t have to do anything, be anywhere or get anything in particular done. I may or may not still be in my pajamas. So, it seemed like a perfect chance to deal with the backlog of links I have and get on the right track for the rest of the year.

  • If you haven’t already headed back to school, See Jane Work has some good Back-to-School Organizing tips.
  • If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m definitely not a do-it-yourself kind of girl, but this DIY Vanilla Extract seems like something even I could do.
  • Sadly, I have not visited any of SF’s Best Cocktail Bars according to Pop Sugar SF, but I think I feel a challenge coming on!
  • If I wasn’t hungry before, these French Dip Sandwiches would definitely have me salivating!
  • And you can’t have dinner without a little dessert, so check out Cupcakes are for Girls.
  • Of course, a meal of those two things will probably not help you in your quest to learn how to do the splits, but you can’t have everything.
  • Now, when I think of Wilmington, NC, I think of Dawson’s Creek and the one summer day I spent stalking filming locations, but these 8 Fun Things to Do in Wilmington, NC may inspire to go back for some Creek-less fun.
  • I usually don’t use any email sign off, except at work (and then, only sometimes), but these are making me re-think that choice.
  • I’m not one to following “Outfit of the Day” blogs, but I love when Anthroholic does her Fitting Room Reviews. Already saving up for the Interspersed Ponte Dress and Noon and Night Dress!
  • It’s so funny that the Times came out with 36 Hours in Portland this week because I was totally thinking about going up there for Labor Day weekend.
  • It was so sad to read that Sweet Valley High doesn’t hold up, but at the same time, I think it was a given. A lot of things that romanticize high school (like Saved By The Bell) don’t hold up once you’ve been there, done that.
  • And speaking of Saved By The Bell, if you are one of the six people on the planet that haven’t played the YouTube game, get on it!
  • As you know, A League of Their Own is one of my favorite all-time movies. If I had money, I would totally buy the Victorian home, which is currently for sale. But only so I could help Helen look for her new red hat!
  • I was a little disappointed that the Five Gross Things I Ate in our Nation’s Capital included a rest stop on the Jersey turnpike and a trip to Leesburg (which they WISH was “just outside D.C.”), since there are PLENTY of gross delicacies to enjoy in DC. Guess I’ll have to do my part next time I’m in town!
  • I’m 79% Facebook Pure. What’s your purity?
  • I’m only sad that this list is fake. I want to eat at the Burger, She Wrote truck SO MUCH!
  • It’s hard to believe that during the six days I was in France back in 1995, I visited two of the Five Greatest Cathedrals in France. Can’t wait to go back to see the other three!
  • This Voyage of the Mimi update makes me SO SAD! I feel like Ben Affleck should step in and do something, even if he wants everyone to forget he was in that lame series of videos for junior high science classes in the early 90s. I remember, Ben, I remember.

July Links Round Up

One of my favorite inventions is the “star” feature of my Google Reader. I love being able to favorite posts I read for later consumption. I only wish I could do this with everything else in life as well.

  • Clockwork Lemon: Picnics and Picnic Baskets
    I’m a little bit in love with this picnic basket. I’ve never been one to pack a picnic, but this basket makes me want to frolic in a meadow or whatever people do while picnicking. LOVE!
  • Stanford Magazine: The Menace Within
    “You never know what you’re going to get involved in that will turn out to be a defining moment in your life.” – Stanford Prison Experiment “prisoner”
  • xkcd: Delivery Notification
    Oh, I’ve so been there! I remember trying to get FedEx to pick up my laptop for repair and it taking over a week for the guy to actually ring my apartment to pick it up and it only needed to go to Santa Clara. It was so frustrating to sit there day after day, waiting, when I could just drive 45 minutes south and get it over with!
  • The Hairpin: Bacon-Wrapped Egg Cupcakes

A Royal Visit to North America: