The End of an Era

The Chevy’s at Stonestown is gone.

(Actually, it may have been gone for a while as I seldom go to the mall next to campus and rarely go across the front of the mall when I do stop by. Nonetheless, there’s a Chipotle and a new sushi restaurant COMING SOON in its place).

Don’t get me wrong; if I never ate at Chevy’s again for my whole life, I’d be very happy. But that Chevy’s location is inextricably linked many of my favorite college memories and it’s very odd to think of it not existing any longer. It hasn’t been THAT long since I left college, right?

My first semester at State, I didn’t really make any friends, only going to classes and back home to study. The second semester, I was forced out of my shell by a fateful trip to Sacramento, where I made two of the best friends I’ve ever had (and still have to this day). After that, gatherings outside of class to studying and chat became more commonplace and Chevy’s was a prime location, given its proximity to school.

Christmas at Embarcadero Center

Christmas at Embarcadero Center

My last year in college, it was the site of many Political Science Student Association fundraisers, proving the even PoliSci nerds can throw back a pitcher or six of margaritas with the best of them. It was always great fun to hang out with our profs, as well as my fellow students, plotting our eventual takeover of the department and university. Of course, getting a grande strawberry margarita in me meant all bets were off. I’ll never forget the look on Prof C’s face when I told him his article was “totally boring,” before realizing I had said it out loud. Luckily, he found it charming instead of insulting. In fact, it was such a mainstay in our diet, that our end of semester celebration that fall was held at Chevy’s – but the one at Embarcadero Center, just to switch things up a bit!

Chevy’s was where I decided to take my first grad-level class, while still in undergrad. Margarita Mondays got me through the first time I had to present in said class. It was where Prof C starting laying the ground work for me to go to grad school, following in his footsteps. It was where I celebrated with my friends that after seven years and four universities, I was finally going to graduate college. And it was where I found a touchstone after graduation, when I felt a little lost in the big “adult” world, attending another PSSA fundraiser for the next class of PoliSci nerds.

Thanks for the memories, Chevy’s! It wouldn’t have been college without you!

Last Day of College EVER

Last Day of College EVER

Smuggler’s Cove and #45 in the #SummerOfDrinking!

A few weeks ago, 7×7 magazine released their 50 Cocktails to Try Before You Die list. Immediately, it seemed like a challenge that my Bay Area friends and I needed to attack.

On Tuesday night, Akemi and I ventured over to Smuggler’s Cove in Hayes Valley for a pre-dinner drink. It was my first experience at the pirate-themed bar and I enjoyed the decor almost as much as the beverages. We headed downstairs which has a fantastic water feature (I need those multicolored lights at home!). It’s quite dark inside, but that just adds to the ambiance.

We both ordered #45 on the list – Smuggler’s Rum Barrel – without the souvenir glass. Our bartender was a little preoccupied talking to some regulars, but mixed up the drinks wonderfully! I’m not a huge fan of rum, but the other flavors mask it quite well (or enhance it if you like rum). The garnishes are also divine and I may demand flowers in all my future drinks now.

I’m a lightweight, and it showed with this beverage. By the time I finished, I was feelin’ it and getting back up the stairs was a bit of an issue. Luckily, we were headed off to a delicious dinner and by the time I got on the bus to go home, I was back to normal again. I will definitely be headed back to Smuggler’s Cove to sample what else they have to offer!