1980 Project: December & January Update

As previously posted, I am hoping to donate at least $1,980 this year before I turn 40. I want to highlight a few of the charities I’ve supported along the way.

December – $195.66

  • Support Abby’s Hope
    The niece of one of my closest friends is fighting a stage four glioblastoma and her family needs support while they support her.
  • Stem from Dance
    I heard about this from Isabella Boylston’s Instagram for Giving Tuesday. Selfishly, I donated in order to receive a personalized Christmas card from one of my favorite ballerinas. But it’s a good cause nonetheless.
  • Bothell UMC
    I attended this church on Christmas Eve with my family. I know the UMC is going through some issues right now, but this was, hands down, THE MOST inclusive congregation I’ve ever been a part of. The pastor was engaging right from the jump about everyone of different sexualities, genders, races, economic status not only being welcome there, but BELONGING there. They also were raising money for a charity for high school students experiencing homelessness, but I can’t remember what it’s called right now. Top notch church!

January – $138.27 (so far)

I also plan to donate to earthquake relief in Puerto Rico, who cannot seem to catch a break, but will need to wait for my second paycheck of the month.

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