One in a Million by Lindsey Kelk

41079125._SY475_Before my recent trip, I started playing around with Libby to see what ebooks I could borrow from my local library to read on my phone’s Kindle app while I was gone. (I’ll probably end up getting a real Kindle for future trips, but for this one, it seemed like one more thing to worry about.) I searched authors of books on my GoodReads TBR list to see what was available. Though Lindsey Kelk’s I Heart NY book wasn’t on the list, when I read the summary for this one, I downloaded it immediately. I mean, London + Instagram + summer = instant read!

The book has a rough start due to the stalking our heroine does of her chosen Instagram subject (I won’t go into the bet here because it’s dumb and ultimately doesn’t really matter). Like you know it’s chick lit, so they’ll end up together somehow, but she’s being incredibly crazy and he would be well within his rights to get a restraining order or break his lease in the building, etc. Luckily, he doesn’t really find it charming, but he does indulge her more than I would have. I didn’t really see his appeal until her father’s birthday party and then we were off to the races. It ends way too quickly and the social media stuff wasn’t as important as advertised, but it was still a fun read.