How to Sleep with a Movie Star by Kristin Harmel

9250257In preparation for an upcoming trip, I’ve started exploring ebooks from my local library. I haven’t wanted to take the plunge to buy a Kindle, but the thought of carrying multiple books for the trip seemed daunting. I started searching authors in the Libby app to find a good “starter” book to try out. It took a few tries to find a book that was actually available now, but since this book came out in 2006, there wasn’t much demand for it. I read it all in basically a day, staying up way too late last night to get through the last chapters. I liked how the Kindle app syncs with my phone and my laptop, so I could just pick up where I left off no matter where I was. I still love a real book, but I’m into this ebook thing.

As for the actual novel, I liked it a lot. After my “secret prince” trope, the “celebrity falls for a normal person” trope is my favorite! The protagonist feels very real, and most of the typical chick lit “misunderstandings” are believable. Her boyfriend sucks, and it seems pretty obvious why, but the payoff is still good. The fall out from finding out about her boyfriend and running into our celebrity hero felt like a romcom and I mean that in the best way. I could totally see this being made into a movie like Notting Hill.

The ending felt a little rushed and unearned, especially the epilogue. After all the build-up, I guess I wanted to see more about what it was like to be shoved into the public eye like that (or not cover it at all). Overall, it was a fun read and pretty much the last year when you could do this novel without iPhones, which would change EVERYTHING. So fun!