You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs by Laurie Graff

1807344When I was in my early 20s, I really loved the books from the Red Dress Ink imprint. I was new to chick lit as a genre and really, new to reading for pleasure that wasn’t Sweet Valley High. I made it my mission to try to read as many of the RDI books as I could. The imprint has long since closed, but I still like to pick up any RDI books I find at used bookstores and the local library book sale.

I initially liked this book because its protagonist was over 40, which is VERY rare in early 2000s chick lit. She’s an actress, sure, but she’s not a 28-year-old bemoaning how she’ll always be alone. However, most of the book is told in flashbacks (to the 1990s!) about her various shitty dates and boyfriends and reading about bad dates from 20 years ago isn’t as cute as it would have been when the book was published in 2003. It was far longer than it needed to be the ending was not at all earned, IMO.

But first book of 2019 FINALLY finished. Moving on to some inspiration women’s memoirs in March since it IS Women’s History Month.