The Lure of the Moonflower by Lauren Willig

23398702Reader, I finished it!

Who knew when I picked up The Secret History of the Pink Carnation in 2008, that I’d still be reading this series 10 years later? This novel comes full circle, meeting back up with Jane, the Pink Carnation, in Portugal. She meets up with Jack, Colonel Reid‘s son, and of course, sparks fly. The mission they are on doesn’t really matter because we get some romance staples like, only one bed at the inn and road trip with your enemy, so it totally works. I wish there had been a bit more of the epilogue of Jane and Jack’s adventures after Portugal, but we left them in a good place, so I’m happy.

It’s also quite nice that Colin and Eloise FINALLY got married, even if it’s still 2005 for them. I could have done without all the meta Eloise = Lauren stuff with her writing a novel about the Pink Carnation, etc. It was also a bit weird to have such a serious kidnapping happening in like 18 hours before the wedding, but I guess it was a nice change from the usual crap that comes with planning a wedding.

In the end, everyone’s happy and I’m happy, so let’s call it a win!

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  1. kab3d says:

    Ahhh I felt this way too when I finished it!
    Have been wanting to have a historical series with some sleuthing to reread lately and was torn between diving back into these and starting a series I never finished so, at least, some new outcomes. Ended up with the series I never finished (and am enjoying it immensely!), but Pink Carnation remains very satisfying 🙂

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