No Starbucks for a Year

It’s November again, which means it’s Jenniversary time! Every year, I make resolutions for the coming month and/or year. These have been hit and miss for the past couple of years, so this year, I’m trying to create achievable goals that will still challenge me.

For this year’s #Jenniversary Challenge, I’ve chosen three month-long goals and one year-long goal.

November 2017


  • Perfect Month on FitBit
    Instead of increasing my step count for the month to reach an arbitrary number, I want to aim for consistency. So my goal this month is to hit at least 10K steps EVERY day and 300,000 steps overall. Once it starts raining, this definitely gets more challenging, but I’m hoping if I can do it for 30 days, I will be on my way to creating a long-lasting habit. Bonus points for every day that I can hit my 10 hours of movement goals as well.
  • Read 8 books
    I am SEVERELY behind on my 2017 Reading Challenge, and the only way I’ll finish this year’s goal is to read 8 books in November and 8 books in December. Luckily, I picked up a bunch of new books at the public library book sale in September, so I really just need to make time to read in the evenings.
  • Do yoga at least 5 times a week
    Back in September, I challenged myself to this goal for the school year. It hasn’t quite worked out the way I planned, but again, I’m hoping to build a habit here. It’s also “Go Relax” month at work, so I’ll be earning points every day I do yoga, which is a nice extra incentive.

But the BIG goal is in the post title: After my free birthday beverage, I will give up drinking Starbucks beverages for a year.

Looking through my budget for the last year, I’ve spent more than I care to on those delicious frappuccinos, lattes, chais, and hot chocolates. Plus, the abundance of sugar and caffeine are not great additions to my diet. It means I’ll have to give up my coveted GOLD status for 2019, but perhaps, if I make it to my next birthday without drinking a Starbucks beverage, I won’t really care about that.