The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger

27276380The other day, I started looking at my favorite authors’ websites to see if they’ve published anything new while I’ve been working my way through my Brit Chick Lit and public library sale books. Many had, but this was the only one I could actually get my hands on through Link+.

We meet our heroine, Charlie, a professional tennis player, who is about to play a match on Centre Court at Wimbledon. It doesn’t go the way she expects (understatement!), and this sets up a domino effect of changes in the next year of her professional career. She’s got a new coach, new fitness regime, a new image and endorsements to go with it.

I was immediately drawn into this world, even though I’ve never watched tennis. Charlie’s only 25 and she spends 48 weeks a year on the road from tournament to tournament. I could tell you that Wimbledon happens in June and the US Open is happening right now (thanks Instagram!), but I had no idea how much tennis is being played at any given time. A lot of the things that Charlie goes through reminds me of when a gymnast goes pro, trying to balance training and endorsements with trying to have a life and just be a young woman in the world. Engrossing read and I was sad to see it end!