Ready for a Long Weekend

Today was one of those days at work, where my plan for the day went out the window about an hour into it. I did actually get everything done that I wanted to do, but I was there for an extra hour and half. Except for a quick trip to Starbucks (gotta have a frappuccino on a day like this!), I was at my desk, not moving. Inputting 500+ email addresses into our latest invite took much longer than I thought, and everything was sore by the time I was done. I really just wanted to hop on the bus back to my car and call it day.

img_7394But I didn’t want to give up my personal challenge on the second day, so I walked. This morning, I parked much further away than I usually do on Fridays, so I had a nice long trek at the end of my long day. Nearly missed the sunset as you can see from the header. Luckily, I had the dulcet tones of the Londonist Out Loud podcast to keep my company; though it did make me wish I was on my way to a pub instead of my apartment!

Of course, I still didn’t get my 10,000 steps with that walk, so I had to do a few more circuits around my place in order to get the green star. While it’s great to complete the goal, I’m looking forward to a little better scenery this weekend. Fingers crossed for sunshine and motivation!