Day One ✔️

It’s the first day of a new month and a week into a new school year, so it’s the time of year when I try to fix my life (again). Why only make New Year’s Resolutions (that I can break) when I can make Summer Resolutions and Start of School Resolutions (that I can break).

img_7391This morning when I stepped on the scale, I realized I gained five pounds over the summer. I’m sure that doesn’t sounds catastrophic to most, but I was only about six pounds away from my goal weight (and about 1.5 pounds from a major milestone). Now I’m double digits away from my goal weight and some of my jeans don’t fit (again).

As it’s September 1st, I thought I’d get back into serious nutrition and fitness more. I’m back into MyFitnessPal, tracking my food (there’s been SO MUCH SNACKING in my office this summer), and making a concentrated effort to get my 10,000 steps every day.

Today, I didn’t really leave my desk, but I did walk all the way back to my car (45 blocks, give or take). I hadn’t finished my goal when I got home, so I did a BUNCH of laps around my tiny apartment until my wrist buzzed. As far as food, I didn’t snack at work (victory) and when I got home, I ate just my frozen dinner and grapes for dessert. This weekend, I’ll be cooking again, which should help as well.

Finally, I’m hoping to write here more. I’m moving my book blogging over here, which should help. And I’m hoping to have more interesting things to write about. I guess I gotta get a life!

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