The French for Love by Fiona Valpy

The French for Love by Fiona ValpyFinally found a winner! A Friends of SFPL book sale find that was actually worth the $2!

Our (British) heroine Gina has just lost her job, her boyfriend and her favorite aunt within a few months. Her aunt has left her a house in Bordeaux, France that she has to decide what to do with. Wine runs in the family, so Gina decides she’ll keep the house and work on her Master of Wine certification. But being in her aunt’s old house dredges up a secret that Gina wishes she never knew, especially since all the people involved are dead. Gina’s only saving grace is her nearby neighbor, an elderly Frenchwoman with a family full of sons. Cedric catches Gina’s eye immediately, but seeing him with his wife and kids, she realizes she can never have him. Or can she?

I guessed the “twist” about Cedric almost from the jump, but Gina’s ignorance of the truth of the situation isn’t cloying. Her integration into the community reminded me a lot of “Under the Tuscan Sun” (the movie) and I could totally picture this as a film starring Emily Blunt or one of those girls from Game of Thrones. The final romantic scene plays just like a movie that I want to watch.