What I’m Looking Forward To This Year

Today’s Challenge prompt makes me think of all the places I want to go. I logged into TripIt yesterday and saw that screen. It’s been such a long time since I didn’t have a trip on the horizon. So of course, I started planning!
Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.30.41 PM

Mom had the great idea to head to Mount Shasta when they come to visit in June. For living in California as long as I have, I haven’t spent near enough time actually exploring my adopted home state. Except for a brief jaunt to Mendocino, I’ve never been north of Sacramento; there’s a lot of California north of that! So I’m excited to explore our fabulous Sierra mountains and maybe even talk my dad into driving that little bit extra, so I can finally say I’ve been Oregon!

Then I got an email today that my awesome friend Jen is heading to Disneyland next month and wondering if I want to come with. I try to space my trips out a little better, but c’mon, it’s DISNEYLAND! I’m still noodling how to pay for everything, but that’s definitely on the horizon.

And of course, the end of the year at work wouldn’t be what it is, if I wasn’t already trying to figure out how to spend Fall Break. Can I do two trips to London in one year? Should I give up Fall Break this year and concentrate on maybe Christmas in Hawaii? (Still trying to talk the family into that one!)

Plus, it was just announced that Matthew Perry’s play is going to New York next spring. I don’t know that I’d fly back to Manhattan just to see it for a third time, but if my other favorite Matty (Morrison) ends up back on Broadway (fingers crossed), then maybe I’ll be heading back East in 2017.

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