To Marry a Prince by Sophie Page

10415290This is another book that I picked up while in London back in March. I think I saw it on Katia’s blog and I’m a sucker for the “regular girl falls for a secret prince” genre of fiction. (Don’t even get me started on the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies of this genre – I LOVE THEM ALL!)

This book creates a fictional British royal family, which I think is brave as usually fiction in this genre like to make up a tiny European principality with a secret royal. You can forgive the heroine for not knowing who the crown prince of Castlebury or whatever because it’s smaller than Luxembourg or whatever. But our heroine has spent the last year living on an island counting fish, so of course she doesn’t recognize the Prince of Wales (what her excuse for not recognizing the heir to the throne of the country she’s lived in all before that, I don’t know, but whatever).

We follow Bella’s relationship with Prince Richard from meetcute (complete with clumsy!heroine and a forgotten phone!) to dating in secret to the public finding and beyond. It’s a world with Twitter, bloggers and smartphones, but it doesn’t really feel like today’s world either. The Prince is rarely cross and Bella is the breath of fresh air the monarchy needs. It feels a lot like The Prince and Me, but with the secret Prince being found out in the first 20 minutes.

It’s a quick read, and I really couldn’t put it down, but it’s not terribly original either. It’s just as advertised and I can’t fault it for that.