Breakfast at Darcy’s by Ali McNamara


Okay, sorry, it got away from me there! Much like Step Back in Time, Breakfast at Darcy’s just swept me off my feet to the point where I actually muted the Giants game, so I could finish it. Though I really love Ms. McNamara’s Love Actually series, her standalone efforts just grip me in a totally different way. The premise is rather simple: London girl is bequeathed an Irish island by her departed aunt if she lives there for a year and creates a community of at least 12 people. The premise actually reminded me a bit of my last Binchy book, A Week in Winter, in the best possible way. And of course, it made me want to hop a plane to Ireland, like RIGHT NOW.

Our heroine, Darcy, starts as a typical chick lit heroine, who loves fashion (every outfit is described in detail by brand) and works at a women’s magazine in London. But then her life is changed when her aunt dies and the above-proposition is made. When her apartment is made unlivable due to water damage, she knows it’s a sign. She’s plucky and everything’s always coming up Darcy, no matter the issue (like no furniture in the cottages or internet for advertising). You know that there’s something hinky with her immediate love interest and he won’t be the guy, but it’s not what you think and it’s quite surprising. The “real” romance is a slow burn that had me screaming, “just kiss her already!” more than once before he actually does.

Though I’m sure there’s nothing in the offing, I do hope Ms. McNamara will consider revisiting Tara (that’s the island) one of these days. I’m in love with it, just like Darcy.