Why Write?

I’ve always been a documenter. I got my first diary as a birthday present when I was eight years old. It had Snoopy and Woodstock on the cover and a flimsy lock that opened with a key that I lost within the first ten minutes. Of course, a bobby pin and strong fingers had the same effect – thank goodness I didn’t have siblings!

I wrote down when my cousins were annoying me and things I thought were stupid. I wrote down questions to ask my mom, with which I would then bring to the breakfast table and interrogate her. As I grew up, it became a place for me to obsess – why didn’t this boy like me or why was my “friend” being mean to me. I wrote breathlessly about dances, retreats and lock-ins, bell trips, family vacations and beach retreats. It’s like it didn’t happen until I fully documented it on paper for the “official” record of my life.

As an adult, my journaling moved online with LiveJournal and my first blog/website. Those have both faded away (though of course I now have this blog!), but I’ve still tried to keep up with a paper journal. It’s not been easy. I’ve been writing in the same black Moleskine journal since 2008 and I still haven’t finished it. I hope as part of this challenge, I can not only get back to blogging more regularly, but writing in general.


20+ years of journals

Why write? Because I always have.