From Notting Hill with Four Weddings… Actually by Ali McNamara

22143098This is the first of many books I picked up while I was in London last month. I made two quick trips to Waterstones to load my suitcase with the Brit Chick Lit I can’t get in the States (even from the library!).

I really like Ali McNamara’s protagonist in this series, Scarlett O’Brien. Though she runs the risk of being a little too unbelievable (jetsetting from London to NYC, running three companies and still finding time to be a life coach to random celebrities), she’s still a fun person to read about. The conflict she faces feels very real for the first half of the book. There are several good cliffhangers that keep you feeling the tension and turning the page.

Then the threats materialize off screen, are dealt with and everything’s magical by the time we check back in with our heroine, no harm done. It felt like quite a let down. Scarlett’s follow up to this, her big takedown, falls flat IMO, but villain says, “touche” and disappears. Okay.

McNamara leaves herself open for a follow-up, even name-checking its possible title. Not sure I’m into these two as parents, but I like McNamara, so I’ll probably read it. But first, I’ve gotta catch up on everything else I bought!