A Vision of Fire by Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin

21412146With The X-Files revival coming next month, I’ve been following Gillian Anderson quite closely on social media. Along with everything else she’s doing, she’s been promoting the second book in the “EarthEnd Saga.” That reminded me that I hadn’t read the first book. Celebrity co-written science fiction isn’t really in my usual wheelhouse, but I figured I could always take it back to the library if it got too bad.

I was pleasantly surprised! As some of my fandom acquaintances have pointed it, it does feel a little bit like Gillian’s writing fanfic about aspects of her life, but hey, it’s compelling! The plot was engaging and it was very hard to put down. I still don’t totally get all the “past life energy trying to kill present day people” stuff, but I found Caitlin O’Hara fun to read about. I don’t know how much was Gillian and how much was Jeff Rovin, but it was well-written and engaging. Once the library gets the sequel, I’ll pick it up. I’m curious to see what happens with Caitlin and Ben, if nothing else!