For Better or Worse by Carole Matthews

351708I’m 0/2 with Book Sale Impulse Buys.

Josie, our heroine, started to annoy me when she just couldn’t get over having to travel alone (since she’s divorced) to her cousin’s wedding in New York. I tried to be patient as that must be a big change, but she just kept going on about it. Then she meets Matt, a music journalist, on the plane and they have a magical afternoon in NYC. (They climb the Statue of Liberty, which they both just call “Liberty.”) Matt gets drunk at a recording session and misses meeting Josie for dinner. He spends the rest of the book trying to find her (employing stupid methods like calling every hotel in NYC looking for “Martha’s wedding” as if there’s only one person named Martha getting married that day), while sleeping with the band’s promoter. I know.

Mixed into the ridiculousness is Josie’s ex, who won’t leave her alone, going as far as to call her mother and take tea with her neighbor to find out where she is, FLYING TO NEW YORK AND CRASHING THE COUSIN’S WEDDING. He also buys an expensive ring, which he thinks will seal the deal with getting Josie’s back. Luckily, this books redeeming grace is that the douchebag fails and the ring ends up eaten by a duck. We spend far too long with this guy and his quest to get the duck to cough up the ring, but luckily he doesn’t get what he wants.

The love story doesn’t work, the ex story doesn’t work and Martha going off with the Best Man REALLY doesn’t work. It was a long, cold walk to the finish line and the ending just wasn’t earned. Pass.