Recipe for Disaster by Stacey Ballis

22571603There really is nothing like a good Stacey Ballis book.

Anneke’s life implodes on her in one day and she’s left to figure out how to move forward without a steady job, her cheating boyfriend or any family to speak of. Anneke and I have very little in common considering she’s a master contractor who loves to rebuild homes for fun (turned full time work), but her struggles with money, trust, food and men were very familiar. There’s a little part about a third of the way through the book where her friend Marie says “You are running the risk of becoming a complete asshole” and it just hit me a little bit. There’s always something in one of Ballis’s books that grabs me and worms its way into my brain for later.

It was a nice change of pace that the main character isn’t a food professional, but there’s definitely some good recipes happening anyway. The romance was a little unexpected and I don’t know that it’s quite earned at the end (massive time jumps do that to me), but this time I’m happy with the nice little bow on everything. It’s been a long month and this was just what I needed.