Roulette by Megan Mulry

22645251This is Megan Mulry’s latest novel, which stands alone from her “unruly royals” series. It’s sexier and more mature as well as being a page-turner. I was sneaking in chapters any time I could.

Our heroine, Miki, is the love/hate child of a French starlet and a Russian business magnate. She goes to visit her father in St. Petersburg, when he dies suddenly. She’s thrust into a leadership role in his business, which brings her into contact Jerôme de Villers, a French business magnate. They have a fling after he flies in on his private jet to bring her coffee, but with Miki not planning to stay in Russia and having a boyfriend back in California, she plans for it to stay that way. Life has other plans and even though she tries to stay away, Rome keeps showing up in her life, all sexy and French. Sometimes you just have to give into it.

I was a little annoyed how the situation with Miki’s “tenure” at USC was handled, but I guess I don’t really know how tenure works at USC. Miki’s boyfriend, Landon, really is a piece of work and I think he gets off way too easy. But it’s fun to read about jetset women who take over companies, go on Paris shopping sprees and find amazing French men with their own chateaus, so these are easy flaws to overlook.