The Jinx by Jennifer Sturman

581826The next book in Jennifer Sturman’s Rachel Benjamin saga is another quick read with enough mystery and plot twists to keep things interesting. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s still fun.

Rachel doesn’t seem to see how she’s quickly becoming Angela Fletcher (and since there are two more books, I can guess this only gets worse). This time she’s at Harvard and Boston (and she’s quite clear to make sure we know those are VERY different places) for recruiting the next generation of high finance professionals (I still have no idea what Rachel really does for a living) and her dishy boyfriend, Peter, is going to join her (he’s got a conference). Rachel always thinks that she “jinxes” relationships by worrying too much (or whatever), but this time everything is perfect. Well, except for the fact that her boyfriend happened to hire a woman to co-run his business and she’s….attractive! Oh and someone’s trying to kill one of her clients.

While Rachel’s sleuthing makes more sense this time, she’s still pretty quick to judgment (wrongly) a few too many times for my comfort. Her friends play a much lesser role this time and that’s a plus in my book. However, it would have been nice to see a little bit of how Emma’s mother being locked up for killing her fiance made her feel in light of the new investigation, but I guess she’s totally adjusted to that now.

The storyline with Rachel’s boyfriend, Peter, really annoyed me however. Rachel makes a point of saying, more than once, about what a feminist she is. She gets offended when people call her ma’am. But she starts spiraling because her boyfriend’s colleague is pretty and he has to spend time with her to close a big deal. Then after a week of not really seeing each other (spoiler alert!), he’s all ready to propose and she starts yelling at him. He explains that Abigail is gay, so of course, they aren’t having an affair. And he proposes to her anyway! Like, if Abigail was straight, then they totally WOULD be having an affair? And Rachel has no idea that Peter’s thinking of marriage? I know this book is like 10 years old, but I’m so sick of the “boyfriend starts acting weird, so girlfriend thinks he’s going to break up with her, but he’s actually proposing” trope. Ugh.