The Pact by Jennifer Sturman

56036This was such a quick, fun read! I’m not usually one for mysteries (note to Mom: you’d love this series if you haven’t read it already), but this had just enough chick lit elements to keep me interested and for once, I didn’t figure out whodunit in the second act.

Rachel Benjamin is part of a group of girls who went to Harvard (yeah, there’s A LOT of Harvard talk in here) who are attending their friend Emma’s wedding to odious man. No one seems to know why she’s marrying him and when he turns up dead on the day of the wedding, no one is too torn up about it. But when Rachel finds out he was murdered, she starts trying to figure out which one of the dozen people who stayed at the house the night before could have done it. No one wants to think their friend is a murderer, but there’s a dead guy in the pool and he didn’t get that way by accident.

The red herrings are earned and not annoying and beyond the discussions of ridiculous privilege of everyone (seriously, EVERYONE is a Richie Rich), the characters are fun to read about. I’ve already ordered the next one in the series from the library and I can’t wait to dig in.