35-for-35: Pretzel Crusted Chicken Bites

Pretzel Crusted Chicken Bites ready for the ovenLast month, I realized I probably should have made this challenge to try 35 new restaurants, given my fear of my own kitchen appliances and my basic lack of patience and counter space. But when I realized I was going to be at my parents’ house for two weeks over Christmas, I figured I’d spend some time cooking to catch up on the first month of this part of the challenge. Well, God laughs when you make plans, so it wasn’t until the last night of my break that I finally made it into the kitchen.

Though I have a very diverse and delicious-looking Pinterest board, I asked my mom to help me narrow down what would actually be possible for me to complete without burning the house down. I settled on Pretzel Crusted Chicken Bites to start. Mom helped me cut up the chicken pieces, while I got all the bowls of ingredients ready for dipping. This was WAY messier than the blog post makes it out to be, and I could only dip about three pieces before I needed to rinse the flour/egg/pretzel gunk off my fingers. It was also WAY harder to crush the pretzels than I expected.

The dish turned out fine, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. It tasted best with barbecue sauce, though ranch dressing was also good. Using regular pretzels instead of the pretzel thins the recipes recommends probably contributed to the difficulty I had with getting the pretzels to actually stick to the chicken (my mom reports that by the second day, all the pretzels fell off). Additionally, plain chicken breast and plain pretzels are pretty bland, so using a flavored pretzel would probably kick this up a notch.

Final product - Preztel Crusted Chicken Bites

All in all, it wasn’t a disaster, but it wasn’t a revelation either. Thanks to my parents for being my guinea pigs as I started this adventure!

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