Honeymoon Hotel by Hester Browne

18774978Thanks to GoodReads for alerting me to the fact that there was a new Hester Browne novel on the market. I had to wait through two cycles of interlibrary loan before I got my hands on a copy, but it was worth the wait.

Our heroine, Rosie, is an events coordinator at a boutique London hotel, with loads of old Hollywood glamour and stories. It’s still a family-run place, which leads to issues when one of the owner’s vagabond sons arrives back on the scene after time in America. Rosie’s the best at what she does and she thrives on the chaos and perfection that weddings bring out in people. Her boyfriend’s a bit of a d-bag, but they rarely see each other due to their schedule, so it’s totally fine if they try to buy their own place, right?

As a type A, perfectionist, who loves to organize things down to the last detail, I loved Rosie and admired her goal of giving every bride she works with the perfect wedding she always dreamed of. I totally got her resentment of Joe, the owner’s son, who shows up with his talk of “the universe” and flash mobs instead black-and-white elegance. He doesn’t grow on me as fast as he does for Rosie, however. Also wished that Rosie had wised up by about Dominic, her d-bag restaurant reviewer boyfriend, who just never seems like the catch she thinks he is, much sooner than she did, but I guess that wouldn’t have given Joe a chance to shine by comparison. I definitely got a kick out of her wishing on medivac helicopters, so he does have his moments.

Rosie’s right, someone should write a screenplay about their story, including his final speech, and fill it with lovely British actors. I almost missed the epilogue, which is filled with rich details of what happens next, which I appreciated because I wasn’t quite ready to let these characters go at the end. Fingers crossed for a sequel or a follow up in another book!