Must Be Love by Cathy Woodman

9223650This was another of my Waterstones purchases, the second in the Talyton St. George series. There are seven or eight books in the series so far, and Waterstones had them all. I only bought books #2 and #3, hoping it would tide me over until my next trip or I could afford to buy online. After finishing this book, I feel like I needn’t have bothered. It was a fine book, but definitely not one I needed to own, especially not at today’s GBP to USD exchange rate.

I hope one of these books shows us the brilliant friend that Emma is supposed to be to our heroine, Maz, because in these first two books doesn’t show it AT ALL. I mean, I get it, what happens to Emma in this book is horrific (though not entirely unpredictable given the book summary on the jacket) and then what happens to Maz doesn’t help it. But she’s a miserable bitch for most of the book. In the beginning, she’s the personification of Pregnant Women Are Smug and after, she’s a right lunatic. Again, it’s horrible, but given that their fill-in vet is a crazy cad, and Maz is going through her own thing, Emma’s insane self-obsession just isn’t helpful or sympathetic.

I also wish Maz had made better decisions regarding her situation or that it actually hadn’t seemed like her losing her boyfriend was on the list of why she changed her mind. By the end of the book, I kinda hated everyone, so I’m going to take a break from this series and try a different author for a while.