In Love Again by Megan Mulry

18515923I read the first two books in this “Unruly Royals” series last year and I’ve been desperately waiting for the library to get this third book. I’ve been obsessively checking LINK+ for seven months now and it’s been either unavailable or more recently, checked out, so when I noticed it was in last week, I pounced. Once it arrived in my hot little hands, I devoured it.

This book follows the oldest Heyworth sibling, Claire, following the break up with her husband. Since she wasn’t particularly close with the two brothers, I didn’t really remember too much about her. She was close with the horrible mother, so I assumed she was horrible too. Turns out she’s just a “good daughter” who was raised to obey and not question, trapped in a horrible marriage she thought she deserved. She reconnects with her first love in New York, while working for the first time in her 38-year-old life. It gets pretty storybook after that, but after seeing what Claire’s been through, you want that for her.

Things are set up for book #4, featuring the youngest Heyworth. And it seems like there is potential for a fifth book, following Claire’s daughter, Lydia and her new beau, Alistair. I just adore the Heyworth clan and this series of books. Perfect summer/holiday reading!