A Win for the Giants!

Last night, George and I attended “Social Media” night at AT&T Park and it was fabulous! This year’s giveaway was suggested by the fans on Twitter (like last year), including yours truly, and was inspired by this:
Buster Hugs!My new #BusterHugs t-shirt features the Romo/Buster hug after winning the 2012 World Series. Personally, I would have gone with the 2013 Tim Lincecum no-hitter Buster hug, but really, all Buster hugs are awesome.

Also awesome? THE GIANTS ACTUALLY WON! Tim Lincecum pitched a fantastic game! There was a moment when Timmy loaded the bases in the 4th with no outs. AND HE PITCHED OUT OF IT! That’s when I knew we had a chance to win. Hunter Pence was also amazing, getting hits and making fabulous catches in left field. Too bad Akemi missed it because he was clearly showing off. 🙂 It was my first win of the season (in three games), so I’m happy to finally see them do well when I’m at the stadium. I hope this trend continues, even when I’m not there.

Of course, today I’m home sick and feeling so wretched because I can’t have two good days in a row, now can I? Fingers crossed that I get back to my old self quickly as Mom and Dad are coming to town tomorrow and I’m ready to have fun!