Sleeping Over by Stacey Ballis

82640Since apparently I forgot to write about it last time, I’ve already read (and hated) Ms. Ballis’s Inappropriate Men and do not need to get it from the library a third time.

This wasn’t my favorite book by Stacey Ballis, but it was pleasant enough. Five friends, living in Chicago, looking for love and living their lives in the meantime. The girls don’t really have distinctive personalities, so it was a little difficult to remember that Jess is the Peace Corps girl, Lilith is in theatre with the dead dad, Robyn is the chef, etc. Once they all pair off, then it was doubly hard to remember that Jeff was the novelist working at Home Depot, Michael was the restaurant owner, Harrison was the doctor best friend of Jess’s cousin, etc. We’re told that the girls are besties, but it doesn’t always seem that way, if only because they don’t really seem to hang out not as a group.

Despite all that, I did find myself invested in a few of the couples, hoping they’d make it. It was a little annoying that ALL the girls got a man, even if a couple of them didn’t last until the end of the book. The book ended as randomly as it began, with a bunch of grown women having a sleep over.