Out of the Blue by Isabel Wolff

228629My goal this summer was to read a book a week in the hopes of perhaps catching up with my overall goal of 50 books this year. I haven’t been successful in the first two weeks of summer, but have a long list of books coming from the library soon. I hope I’m able to get with the program shortly.

Part of the problem was this book. It was written before any of the other books I’ve read by her, and I’m glad I started with the ones I did. The main character, Faith Smith, is naive to the point of being annoying (she can rationalize her way to any conclusion she wants), so it’s hard to root for her. She thinks her husband’s having an affair based on a bitchy comment from her best friend (Lily Jago, who appears in Behaving Badly)) and then it turns out all her badgering “made” him sleep with his American headhunter (always an American, seducing these Brits into bed! If only it were that easy!). The will they/won’t they get divorced is tired before it even gets started since I find the husband’s complete lack of remorse about his affair a deal breaker, but there are a lot of twists and turns along the way.

I was looking for more sinister motives from all involved since “Faith Value” is so naive, but most of it is pretty tame. There are lies, but no one’s really that deceitful. It was hard to know what kind of ending to root for, but I did NOT like the way it ended. I really enjoy this author, but I’ll definitely stick with her later work from now on.