The Summer of Us by Holly Chamberlin

10192135This is the story of three strangers who meet in a bar in Boston and decide to rent a house together in Oak Bluff for the summer because apparently this is something that folks do in the Northeast. I’m much more familiar with the weekend exodus to the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore, but I suppose it makes sense that the Mass crowd would vacate the city for the Vineyard in the summer as well.

The three main characters are terribly unlikable at the beginning and become slightly more tolerable by the end. Gincy is abrasive and has excuses for everything. Claire is so meek and just lets life happen to her. Danielle is the stereotypical Jewish American Princess, which isn’t that heinous, but her behavior with a guy that she likes but doesn’t fit her checklist made me hate her. Claire is the worst because she refuses to DO ANYTHING to make her life better, but wonders why she’s so unhappy (even when she’s doing destructive things).

It’s nice to see the girls find unlikely friendship since none of them has any friends at all, but it took far too long to get there. It’s a super fast read, though, with each chapter only a few pages. It took over 300 pages for each of the women to come to the epiphany that changes their lives, which was 200 pages too many. Pass.