The Spinster Sisters by Stacey Ballis

82641Much like my first outing with Ms. Ballis, this book was a quick read and featured very relatable characters. I wasn’t a huge fan of the lengthy magazine profile that serves as exposition for the main characters at the beginning of the book, but once I got into it, there really wasn’t a better way to explain Jill and Jodi Spingold. I was expecting to hear from both sisters, alternating chapters, but was pleasantly surprised to see that this story is firmly from Jodi’s perspective.

I really appreciated that all the ladies use real language, cursing and all, during the whole book. Set in Chicago, I wasn’t totally familiar with all the references, but given the author’s dedication to portraying real female relationships, I’m guessing those are all real (delicious) restaurants.

I also loved that Jodi was casually dating several guys throughout the book, and though there’s a clear frontrunner, it’s not totally obvious that they end up together. Plus the whole mission of the Spinster Sisters brand is right up my alley and I wish they actually existed. I may not call into their radio show or buy their cutesy lunchboxes, but I’d appreciate their presence in my life. I only wish the book was longer, so I can see how the after wedding stuff shakes out.