Behaving Badly by Isabel Wolff

1426209I finished this book weeks ago, but never found a moment to write about. Unfortunately, my trend of only finishing one book a month continued in March, but I hope I can reverse the trend in April. More books have been ordered from Link+ (because God forbid I actually read any of the books I have in my current TBR piles at home!), so fingers crossed for a little less craziness and more reading time.

I was surprised by the heavy subject and themes presented in this book that’s ostensibly about a former veterinarian turned animal behaviorist. I learned way more than I wanted about all the different problems a pet can have, making the days of me being a dog owner very far in the future indeed! Between the “secret” reason our heroine breaks up with her fiance and the actual secret from her past involving a member of the British government and a photographer, there’s way more going on than meets the eye. I really felt our Miranda’s anxiety as she gets more and more involved with the object of her investigation, waiting for the moment when everything blows up (no pun intended). The ending didn’t feel earned, given the gravity of the situation, but I guess it wouldn’t be chick lit if the girl didn’t get the guy.

It was great to read this one right after Rescuing Rose as both the new agony aunt (whose name escapes me at the moment) and Rose and Theo (and their Myna bird) make an appearance. I love when authors make their books exist in the same universe. Makes me want to head to London, hang out in the park and wait for them to walk by!