Rescuing Rose by Isabel Wolff

314329This was not my favorite outing by Ms. Wolff, though it does end very well. This novel centers on an agony aunt (advice columnist for those not up on their Brit-speak) whose life starts to fall apart. She’s getting divorced, moving house, thinks she may have a stalker, and has to get a flatmate in order to cover her mortgage. Who does an agony aunt turn to when she needs advice (if she’s even capable of asking for it)?

There’s a nice cast of characters, though sometimes it’s hard to remember who’s who. I was definitely kept guessing on a couple of the mysteries laid out in the book, including the romance. Rose’s main “mystery” was far too vague for the first couple hundred pages and then when it all comes spilling out, it wraps up much too neatly. A five page letter at the end of the book was just a little too on-the-nose.

And random note, this book came out in 2004, but it’s amazing how fast technology has moved on in those ten years.

But it was a great dose of London for me; I even knew where some of the places mentioned were without having to look them up!