If The Shoe Fits by Megan Mulry

15942619I’ve been trying to get this book from the library since it came out this summer, but only just succeeded as I was leaving town for Christmas break. I read A Royal Pain in June and just fell for Bronte and Max. I wasn’t entirely sure that I’d feel the same way about Max’s brother Devon, but I was hoping for an update on Bronte and Max’s relationship since the last book.

The book opens up at Bronte and Max’s wedding and our heroine is Bronte’s bestie/business associate, Sarah James (of Sarah James Shoes). She’s a 25-year-old virgin who agrees to a fling with Max’s playboy brother, Devon and ends up falling for him (and he for her). There’s complicated family dynamics on her side and he’s just been playing the part of a playboy, while being a maths genius, who actually loves his job. This book is MUCH more about great, amazing sex between rich, good-looking people than Bronte and Max’s story, but it was a fun escape during a long drive.

Ms. Mulry also starts to set up the third book (which just came out this month) about Max’s younger sister Abby and Sarah’s associate, Eliot. It’ll be nice to check in with the “unruly royals” again (if I can ever get this book from the library).