The Very Picture of You by Isobel Wolff

10397812After I finished A Vintage Affair, I knew I had to read whatever I could by Isobel Wolff. The Very Picture of You is her latest offering, about a 35-year-old portrait painter, trying to get to the bottom of the secrets in her own life. There are similar themes of secrets and mysterious deaths and old ladies with interesting stories from the past to tell, but they are good themes that work, so the retread doesn’t feel as such. There’s also a nice moment where we get to check in with a character from AVA, so it’s cool to see that her characters exist in the same universe.

There was lots of London in this book as well and I had a great time visualizing all the streets, taxis and gorgeous houses. The romance in this book is much different than in AVA, which was a nice change of pace. Some of the plot points seem VERY obvious and it’s hard to believe the characters don’t see what’s in front of their face, but I suppose that’s the advantage of being the omniscient third-party, just reading about these characters. My only complaint was that things wrapped up too neatly in about 10 pages, starting with a large chick lit trope of the wedding being stopped at the altar. But everyone gets what they want and that’s really all we’re looking for in chick lit, right?