A Bloom in Winter by T.J. Brown

15803193I was supposed to read another book ahead of this one while I waited for it to arrive from ILL, but then the book came and I had to devour it. The last one left me with so many questions and I had to see how the author was going to make things right.

To put it simply, she doesn’t. We catch up with Prudence, who hastily married Andrew at the end of the last book, even though she was clearly in love with Sebastian and had a deal to work for his friend. Well, I guess she didn’t think he’d be able to explain her to his family since her birth brought shame to the Buxtons, so she up and married the footman and moved to London. Andrew spends his time studying for the entrance exams to enter to the Royal Veterinary Academy and Prudence has to figure out how to be a housewife, since she wasn’t raised as a servant. She’s still in love with Sebastian, but seems to finally give him up and realize what a good thing she has with her husband. There also seems to be a hint that there may be babies in their future, which seems like a terrible idea, but it’s 1910s, so there’s not a whole lot they know to do to prevent it.

Rowena is still totally in love with her pilot, but ends up fake engaged to Sebastian to keep her aunt off their backs. Of course, that just gives her aunt and Sebastien’s mother fuel for their party planning fire and ends up causing more trouble than it’s worth. Rowena sleeps with Jon, but it turns out he just can’t get past the things Ro’s uncle did to his family and walks away. So it looks like Rowena may just actually get engaged to Sebastian, since Sebastian’s finally ready to give up on Prudence at this point.

Little Miss Victoria takes up most of the novel as she gets involved with a local suffragette organization that likes her status and connections to ladies with money. Her activities (or rather her proximity to these illegal activities) land her in prison, which sounds just as horrible as Mr. Bates made it look on Downton Abbey. Her BFF, Kit, falls in love with her in the meantime and actually decides to fight for her (which is a first for these folks!), but Victoria still doesn’t want to get married. Hopefully Kit won’t give up because they actually work together.

It was a quick read and though a lot happened, it seems like everyone is still not with the right person yet. And it being Edwardian England, I’m guessing the third book isn’t going to clear that up. But I can’t wait to find out!