Summerset Abbey by T.J. Brown

13639669This three part series of books was on a list of books recommended for people missing Downton Abbey I found a few months ago, but just finally had a chance to read the first book. Of course, I’m no longer desperately missing Downton, having seen an episode in London last month, but the trip back to Edwardian England was still fun.

We follow the adventures of Rowena and Victoria Buxton and Prudence Tate as they are transported from London to the countryside of Summerset Abbey, following Rowena and Victoria’s father’s death. Prudence had been raised alongside Rowena and Victoria, like a sister, even though she was just the daughter of their governess. But Uncle Conrad has different plans for the girls, ready to marry off Rowena and Victoria and cosigning Prudence to being their ladies’ maid until he can be rid of her for good. Her presence is a scandal that none of the girls know, but will soon come to light. Rowena is a suffragette, Victoria is spirited, but has asthma and Prudence is trying to figure out how to navigate her friendship with her “sisters” while dealing with the servants hall and her new place in the Abbey.

Each of the girls meets a man that in normal romance/chick lit would be her destined partner by the end of the book, but it doesn’t quite turn out that way so far. There’s plenty of changing clothes, proper tea, balls and fancy dinners to keep you entertained as we follow the girls through their mourning of their father and they settle into country life. This first book ends rather abruptly, leaving you wanting to read the next book right this instant. I’ve ordered the next book from ILL and I’m quite excited to see what happens next!