Name & Address Withheld by Jane Sigaloff

358915I’m on a total Brit Chick Lit kick right now, due to my upcoming trip to London. This book has been on my TBR list for a long time, but I had to pop it to the front to bone up on my British slang and colloquialisms. It’s research, basically. (Ha!)

Our heroine, Lizzie, is a Carolyn Hax type advice columnist (agony aunt, in Brit terms), who meets a great guy are her company’s interminable Christmas party. But twist, Matt’s married and didn’t tell her. And twist again, his wife writes in to Lizzie to try to save their marriage and her letter is published in Lizzie’s magazine. It’s a three-dimensional love triangle with everyone only seeing two legs of it. Until it all comes to a head at a magazine launch party.

Lizzie and her flatmate Claire are delightful and you can sympathize with Matt up to a point. Rachel (Matt’s wife) is more two-dimensional and her storyline is left more open-ended. Obviously, Lizzie is the person we’re supposed to love, but Rachel IS married to Matt when he starts romancing Lizzie, so no matter how terrible she may be, it seems like Rachel should get a BIT more consideration. The ending is totally cheesy, but not as predictable as it could be.

The book was a quick read and I’ll definitely be picking up Ms. Sigaloff’s others before my trip.