Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

15998118I’ve been trying to get this book from the library since April when it came out and finally, last week, I was successfu1! Sophie Kinsella can always be counted on for a quick, fun read and this latest offering did not disappoint.

First, I absolutely love how British our main characters are named – Fliss (Felicity) and Lottie (Charlotte). I found myself relating much more to Fliss than Lottie, even though I have no child and have not been through a divorce. The “divorce fantasy” of the ex recognizing his wrongs and publicly admitting them is something I definitely cop to imagining about my ex when we were breaking up. That said, Fliss goes to SUCH lengths to try to protect her sister and I don’t relate to that at all. I could definitely see this novel being made into a movie because the sabotaged honeymoon is SO over the top. I liked the chemistry between Fliss and Lorcan and I wished we got a little bit more of them.

I was surprised to see how much Lottie and Ben fell for the sabotage. Though I suppose, if you didn’t know that your sister wasn’t on board your quickie marriage, you wouldn’t suspect that she was trying to keep you apart from your new husband at all costs. I was curious as to why Lottie and Ben didn’t just go to another hotel, since they made a point of talking about how built up Ikonos had gotten, but I guess it wouldn’t have been as funny otherwise.

Lots of twists at the end and I was not at all expecting the ending, but that made it extra fun. I didn’t want to leave these characters and I hope that Ms. Kinsella will think about another book focusing more on Fliss in the future.