Burning the Map by Laura Caldwell

42177This book was written just over 10 years ago and yet it feels like it may as well have been written in the 1980s with its mentions of Drachmas, pay phones and writing postcards. Nonetheless, it was a nice trip to Rome and Greece for summer vacation and a super quick read.

It was a little difficult for me to relate to Casey, Sin and Kat because they are a little too Sex and the City for me – picking up boys every time they turn around, going out partying until the wee hours every night and going topless on the beach because it’s Europe. I guess I might have done so when I was 25, but now it just feels a bit ridiculous. The relationship between the girls felt very real, however; I’ve definitely had those issues, especially while traveling.

The ending was really surprising to me, but I think it’s mostly because it’s just something I couldn’t possibly fathom. I’d probably read another novel by this author, but I wouldn’t seek one out.